The objective of the Society is to integrate people professionally involved in the issues of physiology of male reproductive system, in clinical, as well as scientific point of view. Thanks to it the Society is interdisciplinary, assembling physicians of various specializations, including general practitioners, urologists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians, laboratory diagnosticians, veterinarians and biologists.

Andrologic disorders are relatively not much discovered, because until recently they had been treated as less important among other pathologies of organs important to life. On the other hand, researches on male reproduction face numerous methodological constraints. Worldwide problem of high male death rate, increasing rate of cancer and infertility among men, as well as malformations of male reproductive system became the reason for wider interest in andrology.

PSA achieves its goals by organizing trainings and scientific conferences on andrology. Furthermore, it supports researches on physiology and pathology of reproductive system among adult and adolescent men, e.g. by annually awarding The Young Prize named after Prof. MichaÂł Bokiniec.

PSA facilitates international contacts for its members by inviting worldwide experts in andrology for sessions organized by the Society. PSA designates its candidates for getting “travel grants” for international andrologic conferences, sponsored by the organizers.