Chronicle and current initiatives of the Polish Society of Andrology

Polish Society of Andrology (PSA) was established on June 16th, 1993.

The titles of PSA’s Honorary Members have been admitted to:

  • Prof. Emil Steinberger (Huston, Texas, USA) in 1997
  • Prof. Anna Steinberger (Huston, Texas, USA) in 1997
  • Prof. MichaÂł Bokiniec (Lublin, Poland) in 2002
  • Prof. Marian Semczuk (Lublin, Poland) in 2007
  • Prof. Leszek Bablok (Warsaw, Poland) in 2011
  • Prof. Dimitrios Adamopoulos (Athens, Greece) in 2011
  • Prof. Ewa Rajpert-DeMeyts (Copenhagen, Denmark) in 2015
  • Prof. Krzysztof Kula (Lodz, Poland) in 2015
  • Prof. Barbara Bilinska (Cracow, Poland) in 2019
  • Prof. Aleksander Giwercman (Malmo, Sweden) in 2019

Deceased PSA Members:

  • Dr. Maria Bik-Matuszczyk, PTA Audit Committee Member - 1998
  • Prof. Jan Tomala, PTA Board of Management member - 2000
  • Prof. Michał Bokiniec, PTA Honorary Member - 2003
  • Dr med. Jacek Huk - 2007
  • Prof. Emil Steinberger, Honorary Member - 2008
  • Prof. Maciej Czaplicki, PTA Board of Management member - 2008 
  • Dr. Beata Ciesielska - 2011
  • Prof. Bronislaw Stawarz - 2017

The first Chairman of PTA’s Board of Management elected twice in 1994 and 1998 was Prof. Krzysztof Kula. In 2002-2006 and 2007-2011 the Chairman was Prof. Grzegorz Jakiel. On 14th April 2011 Prof. Jolanta Słowikowska-Hilczer was appointed a Chairman for years 2011-2014.

PSA organizes annual scientific and training symposiums, so-called Andrology Days, and Andrology Conferences every 4 years. One of the most important PTA’s initiatives was organizing Satellite Symposium for the 6th International Andrology Congress in 1997 in Cracow. The Symposium was devoted to hormonal control of spermatogenesis. Society Members could attend 15 lectures on andrology and present their own researches. We invited the Board of Management of International Society of Andrology (ISA) together with its Chairman- Dr Goeffrey Waites.

Since 2005 PSA annually awards The Young Prize named after Prof. MichaÂł Bokiniec. The Prize is awarded for an andrologic research published in the year preceding the awarding. The first Prize was awarded to Dr. Paweł Jóźków (Sports Medicine Department, University of Physical Education in Wrocław) for the research „Hormonal markers of aging in men with laryngeal carcinoma” (Head & Neck 2005; 27: 243-7).

Society Members actively participate in international conferences and symposiums, during which they are awarded.

Since 1995 PSA is affiliated International Society of Andrology (ISA), established in 1976. (www.andrology.org).

Society Members actively participate in European andrologic motion organized by European Academy of Andrology (EAA) (www.andrologyacademy.net). Prof. Krzysztof Kula was the co-founder of EAA and a member of the first Board of Management from 1992 to 2002. He was also a member of EAA Publishing Commission (2007-2010). In 2006 Prof. Jolanta SÂłowikowska-Hilczer was elected a member of EAA Board of Management for years 2007-2010, a member of Education Commission and Commission on Accreditation of EAA Clinical Education Centres, of which she is a member until today.

 EAA Full Members are:

  • Prof. Krzysztof Kula since 1992
  • Prof. Jolanta Słowikowska-Hilczer since 1994
  • Prof. Barbara Bilińska since 2008
  • Prof. Piotr Jędrzejczak since 2008
  • Prof. Grzegorz Jakiel since 2010

PSA Members participate in national and international andrology postgraduate courses. In Polish Clinical Training Center of Andrology of the European Academy of Andrology there are run courses of The Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education (CMKP) for physicians and laboratory diagnosticians in the field of andrology diagnostics (www.andrologia-eaa.umed.lodz.pl). The courses on seminology were  run in Cracow 2010-2012 under the patronage of PSA. 

Since 2016, PTA in cooperation with the National Chamber of Diagnostic Laboratory (KIDL) has been conducting practical courses on semen analysis using the manual method according to the procedure recommended by WHO (2010). 300 laboratory diagnosticians have been trained so far. As part of this cooperation, a handbook presenting these procedures in Polish was developed.

In 2016, PTA took the initiative to organize courses and conduct examinations for doctors who want to obtain a Certificate in Clinical Andrology. The certificate has been received by  75 doctors so far.

Since 2014, PTA publishes the scientific journal "Advances in Andrology Online" available on the website www.postepyandrologii.pl. The Chief Editor is prof. Małgorzata Piasecka.