The Young Prize named after Prof. Michał Bokiniec

Polish andrologic milieu is relatively small and versatile as far as professions are concerned. There are scientists, as well as trainees (diagnosticians and clinicians). For the sake of the whole milieu is to strengthen the position of our discipline and assemble young and talented scientists.

Polish Society of Andrology is involved in integrating and motivating to qualified research activities, as well as promoting andrology as a discipline of science among researchers who begin their professional careers.

To make all these postulates real, the Board of Management has appointed an annual Society award for scientists beyond the age of 35.

The development of andrology in Poland does not start today. That is why, following similar initiatives, we decided to name the Prize after one of our nestors, significantly meritorious for Polish andrology. We believe that thus we path the perspective of development and professional career for the prospective prize-winners.

The patron of the Prize was one of the founders and promoters of clinical andrology in our country, the first head of the Clinic of Fertility and Andrology at Medical University of Lublin and a Honorary Member of the Polish Society of Andrology.


 The Young Prize - reguations

  1. The Prize of 3500 PLN is awarded annually. The financial resources come from PSA’s budget. The Board of Management is responsible for raising the funds.
  2. The Prize is awarded for an andrological research published in the year preceding the awarding (determined by the date of a periodical).
  3. The research has to be published in English, in a journal indexed in PubMed.
  4. The Prize-Winner must be a member of the Polish Society of Andrology, the first author of the publication and the head of a unit employing him must confirm his contribution in the research.
  5. The Prize-Winner cannot be more than 35 years old.
  6. Applications have to be submitted by the end of May (the following year) to the Chairman of PTA Board of Management. Hereafter the Chairman of PSA will set up a committee of 5 independent scientists, 3 of which are going to be PSA members. The remaining 2 will be proposed to recognized foreign andrologists. The evaluation of researches will be based on a point-grading scale modeled on review questionnaires of periodicals within Philadelphia list. The total of points received is decisive. None of the committee members can be a member of a team whose research is evaluated, nor a cooperator of such team.
  7. The Prize might be awarded to a person not only once.
  8. The Prize and the certificate are handed in during the upcoming Andrology Days.
  9. The information about awarding the Prize will be announced on PSA’s website.

The Laureates of The Young Prize named after Prof. Michał Bokiniec:

  • 2006  - Dr. Paweł Jóźków for the article "Hormonal markers of aging in men with laryngeal carcinoma", Head & Neck 2005; 27: 243-247
  • 2007 - dr hab. n. med. Ewa Jankowska for the article "Anabolic deficiency in men with chronic heart failure: prevalence and detrimental impact on survival". Circulation 2006; 114(17): 1829-1837
  • 2008 - dr n. biol. Ilona Kopera for the article "Morphofunctional alterations in testicular cells of deslorelin-treated boars: an immunohistochemical study", Journal of Experimental Zoology 2007; 309A: 117-126
  • 2009 – Dr. Anna Gumińska for the article „Features of impaired seminiferous tubule differentiation are associated with germ cell neoplasia in adult men surgically treated in childhood because of cryptorchidism", Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica 2008; 45, supl. 1: 163-168
  • 2010 - dr hab. n. med. Ewa Jankowska for the article "Circulating estradiol and mortality in men with systolic chronic heart failure", JAMA 2009; 301(18): 1892-1901 
  • 2012 - dr n. biol. Anna Hejmej for the article "Are expression and localization of tight and adherens junction proteins in testes of adult boar affected by fetal and neonatal exposure to flutamide?" Int J Androl 2012; 35(3): 340-352 (Epub 2011
  • 2013 - dr n. biol. Marta Zarzycka for the article "Administration of flutamide alters sperm ultrastructure, sperm plasma membrane integrity and its stability, and sperm mitochondrial oxidative capability in the boar: in vivo and in vitro approach" Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2012; 47: 635-643
  • 2014 - dr n. biol. Anna Hejmej for the article "Androgen signaling disruption during fetal and postnatal development affects androgen receptor and connexin 43 expression and distribution in adult boar prostate. Biomedical Research International 2013, Article ID 407678
  • 2015 - mgr biol. Ewelina Górowska for the article "Postnatal exposure to flutamide affects CDH1 and CTNNB1 gene expression in adult pig epididymis and prostate and alters metabolism of testosterone", Andrology 2014; 2(2): 186-197
  • 2016 - dr n. med. Marta Olszewska for the article "Genetic dosage and position effect of small supernumerary marker chromosome (sSMC) in human sperm nuclei in infertile male patient", Scientific Reports 2015; 5:17408
  • 2017 - dr n. biol. Katarzyna Chojnacka for the article "Interleukin 1alpha-induced disruption of the Sertoli cell cytoskeleton affects gap junctional communication", Cellular Signalling 2016;  28 (5): 469-480
  • 2018 - dr n. med. Aleksandra Rył for the article "Molecular analysis of the SRD5A1 and SRD5A2 genes in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia with regard to metabolic parameters and selected hormone levels”. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2017, 14, 13
  • 2019 - dr n. med. Kamil Gill for the article "The effect of human sperm chromatin maturity on ICSI outcomes", Human Cell , 2018, 31: 220-231